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Dear Patients and Guests

On behalf of our employee team and medical staff, I warmly welcome you to www.lankaeclinic.com, the online presence of Horizon Medical Services.

At Horizon, you and your family can count on high quality medical care, delivered with compassion, dignity and respect. Our healthcare delivery systems are designed with your safety and well-being in mind, and our medical programs meet proven standards for success.

We are very proud to offer our services in an array of new or recently renovated facilities. All areas have been carefully designed with patient safety and patient comfort as our highest priorities, and feature the latest in medical technology.



www.lankaeclinic.com is a new visionary way to provide outstanding medical expertise to manage broad spectrum of medical problems of Sri Lankans.

It is the global trend that patients are becoming more informed about their medical problems and treatment options, and they play an active role in every decision with their doctors.

We dedicate to help this category of patients who takes more responsibility to manage their own health, whilst making easy and inexpensive way to get an online healthcare service.

Our Online Medical Clinic provides leading medical expertise, services and information to ensure the best possible care, medical science has to offer, from the comfort of your home.

Our commitment is to provide each patient exceptional level of care and attention

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